New Mexico Hunting Trophy Room

Few Words from Joseph Graham...

The 2019 New Mexico hunting season was a banner year for Graham’s Guide Service. We guided a record 102 hunters and harvested 96 big game animals – 60 bull elk, 11 cow elk, 6 mule deer, 6 antelope, 1 ibex, 4 oryx, and 8 barbary sheep.  Many of our hunters were repeat clients returning once again to enjoy the opportunity, climate, and scenery here in southern New Mexico. Others were new to the area whom we hope to hunt with again soon.

Southern New Mexico experienced a typical elk season.  The rut started toward the end of the archery season in mid-September, lasted through the muzzleloader season, and into the rifle season.  Early moisture helped the horn growth which in turn sent many clients home with nice trophies.  

We would like to thank each hunter for trusting Graham’s Guide Service to help you meet your big game goals.

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