New Mexico
Barbary Sheep Hunts

New Mexico Barbary Sheep Hunts

Aoudad Sheep, also known as Barbary Sheep, were introduced into the desert mountains of southern New Mexico from their native habitat in the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa during the 1940’s.  These hearty, desert sheep are well-adapted to the rough, desert mountains of southern New Mexico and are an elusive trophy to hunt. These sheep are free-ranging and occupy a large home range due to their nomadic nature. Aoudads have the ability to obtain water from dew and the sparse vegetation of the desert which greatly expands their range due to their independence on surface water. Aoudad sheep are one of the most challenging species of big game to hunt. They seem to thrive in the roughest country they can find and possess an extraordinary sixth sense at detecting danger.  GGS hunts the elusive Aoudad sheep in the mountains of southern New Mexico on private and public land. Most of the terrain consists of steep-walled canyons with numerous bluffs and ledges.

GGS hunts several ranches that all offer trophy potential on big rams. A couple of ranches offer more of a “gentlemen’s hunt” with good 4×4 vehicle access and only slight to moderate hiking. On the other hand, a couple of ranches are as rugged as anything imaginable. Much of the sheep country on these ranches must be accessed by foot, as there is virtually no road access. If you like physically-challenging hunts with lots of glassing and stalking…. this is it. Spot-and-stalk tactics with binoculars and spotting scopes will be used to locate the herds. Once spotted, the approach is determined and the stalk is on. Patient hunters should be rewarded with an opportunity at a trophy ram.

The Aoudad sheep is truly the best-kept secret in North America. They are one of the most challenging and exciting animals to hunt in New Mexico.  Nothing else compares. Not to mention that these rams make spectacular mounts. GGS has averaged over 90% success on mature rams over the last five years. Expect to hunt for 28′ to 32″ sheep. On the average,5 out of 6 hunters will kill a sheep in this class.

All hunts are fully guided they include all field transportation, meals and lodging.

New Mexico
Barbary Sheep Hunt Pricing

Included in the price of your hunt is professional guide service, lodging and meals, transportation during your hunt and field care of your animal. Hunters are responsible for getting to the camp location, state license and habitat stamps, taxidermy, meat processing,  shipping of game and gross receipts tax. If for any reason you have to cancel your hunt, deposits may be transferred to a future hunt. Any cancellations less than 60 days prior to your hunt may be subject to forfeiture.
A 50% deposit is due upon drawing a license and the remainder of the hunt cost is due 30 days prior to arrival in camp.
No checks will be accepted upon arrival. No exceptions!

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