New Mexico
Ibex Hunts

New Mexico Ibex Hunts

Ibex are spectacular animals with huge, ridged horns that can sweep back  to 50″, although a trophy size in the low 40s would be a much more realistic goal. Males are known as billies, females as nannies. The New Mexico herd came from Iran in the early 1970s, and are considered Persian or Bezoar ibex.  The herd size is somewhere between  400 and 600 animals. The mountain range is 9 miles long and 6.5 miles wide, and is comprised of very steep, difficult terrain, even by goat or sheep-hunting standards. To hunt Ibex, you need to be in  best shape possible.

It’s tough to calculate draw odds in New Mexico. New Mexico considers your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice when they pull your name out of the hat, and before they move on to the next applicant. They report drawing statistics by showing the number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for a given unit, but not how many entered multiple choices.

GGS has a passion for Ibex hunting. Not only do we guide for Ibex, but we hunt them as well. Our guides are second to none when it comes to knowing Ibex and their habits. If you are lucky enough to draw a Ibex tag , we are #1 when it comes to Ibex hunting. Give us a call and let’s make dreams become a reality.

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New Mexico
Archery Ibex Hunts

Archery is the most difficult way to hunt Ibex, your physical and mental ability will be tested to the max on a archery Ibex hunt. Because you are required to make multiple trips up and down the mountain,  the better shape you are in, the more opportunities you will get .  You need to be able to shoot your bow out to 100 yards proficiently. Most shots are from 80 yards to 100 yards. I have personally  killed two Ibex with a bow. One at 65 yards and one at 120 yards, and I practice out to 140 yards. The farther you can shoot the better your chances will be at harvesting a Trophy Ibex with a bow. The NMGF say the harvest rate  is 3% to 5% for bow on average each year. It has always been said that,”Any Ibex with a bow is a  Trophy Ibex”. GGS offers two Archery Ibex Hunts one starting October 1, and the other starting January 15. Give us call and lets discuss if a archery Ibex hunt is right for you.   

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New Mexico
Rifle Ibex Hunts

The rifle hunt is still a very difficult hunt, but is the best possible way to hunt Ibex,  and your chances of harvesting a Trophy Ibex are very good. Physical ability and long range shooting skills are the key to  taking home that Trophy Ibex. One 10 yr old hunter shot a 47″ billie at 488 yards on the first day. GGS offers two Rifle hunts. The first is a Once in a Lifetime Rifle Hunt  starting November 15.  The second is a youth hunt starting December  27.


New Mexico
Muzzleloader Ibex Hunts

Muzzleloader is not as hard as Archery, but is still very difficult. Your physical ability and your ability to shoot long range is key to  harvesting a Trophy Ibex. You need to be able to shoot your muzzleloader out to 400 yards, Although it sounds  crazy,  but if you can shoot 400 yards, a  300 yard shot looks easy. One hunter, got a shot at a 48″ billie at 230 yards at a 30% incline and missed, but killed a 42″ Ibex at 325 Yards that same day. I killed a 47″ billie with a muzzleloader at 317 yards.  GGS offers one hunt for muzzleloader starting December,6

New Mexico Ibex Hunts

Ibex Hunts are 2 guides and 1 hunter
100% success on Rifle and Muzzleloader Ibex Hunts
100% shot opportunities on bow Ibex  Hunts

Included in the price of your hunt is professional guide service, lodging and meals, transportation during your hunt and field care of your animal. Hunters are responsible for getting to the camp location, state license and habitat stamps, taxidermy, meat processing,  shipping of game and gross receipts tax. If for any reason you have to cancel your hunt, deposits may be transferred to a future hunt. Any cancellations less than 60 days prior to your hunt may be subject to forfeiture.
A 50% deposit is due upon drawing a license and the remainder of the hunt cost is due 30 days prior to arrival in camp.
No checks will be accepted upon arrival. No exceptions!

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